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December 31, 2003


The Plokta cabal are here, each with our separate laptops, our senses heightened with belly tuna and dulled with sake. We have watched "15 bad pop videos of the '70s", The Two Towers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I explained to Sue that Zuma (Windows only, and the deluxe trial only lets you play for an hour, so play the web version (also Windows) first) might well be the most addictive video game I've ever played, and we haven't seen her since.

We also swapped Christmas presents. The cabal want to have a whip round to get Steven & me a Vicks Baby Vaporizer (via all sorts of people). Steven opened some metal book thingies. "What are those?" I asked. Safari Bookmarks, said the box.

two metal bookmarks with animal charms

Mike got Mr Bean socks, and the Dr Plokta action figure acquired a voice box that makes him squeak like a Clanger.

And I set up Samba De Amigo on the Dreamcast. But therein lies another tale.

Happy New Year.

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