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July 22, 2003

Pet Trouble

The mice in the study are fighting. "Get them neutered," said Dr Plokta helpfully; but neither of them have balls in any case.

They're both Microsoft Optical Wireless Mice, one blue, one iMac white. Now. This is a two-channel mouse. But for some reason, whenever you try to change channels, it ends up back on channel 1, and movements and mouse clicks on the PC/Linux box are applied to my iMac.

Advice welcome, not counting 'don't buy this mouse', which I've gathered in any case from reading the web. I was absolutely perfectly happy with the first of these, and I'm perfectly happy with the new one when using my computer alone. But it's certainly true that lots of other people have trouble with this mouse; my guess now is that many of these problems boil down to radio interference issues.

Posted by Alison at July 22, 2003 09:39 PM


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