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January 18, 2003

Press Misrepresent Worldcon Shock

Newly on the web, thanks to the industry of Keith Stokes, is the following snippet about sf fans being abused by journalists:

Did you see the write-up ... (the magazine) gave to the convention? If you did not, you are lucky ... When the ... reporter showed up at the Hall, somebody evidently button-holed him and piloted him around, at the same time blowing off his mouth. The resulting write-up ... treated the whole thing as if: fandom were a bunch of children; pro mags catered to these children with ray gun thrillers and Martian invasion epics...; we didn't have much intelligence; and we gave off steam writing such letters as: Quote: "Gosh! Wow! Boy-oh-Boy!"

From the scans of Bob Tucker's Le Zombie 10, August 5, 1939. As you know Bob, the convention was Nycon; the magazine was Time. Le Zombie also announces "prints pictures", and indeed, the photo's clearer than some I see in fanzines now. (via Earl Kemp writing on Memoryhole)

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