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January 16, 2003

Bloggy Snippets

Here's a good idea; long thin photos of London streets, so you can work out what that really cool shop you went to the other day was. Covent Garden is near where I work, though mostly the maps tell you that it's all a whole lot less interesting than it used to be. This one shows the Monmouth Street Coffee Shop, though, and Base, the shop where I bought my favourite jacket of all time. (via BoingBoing.)

Marianne's birthday present was the Leapfrog Explorer Globe. I'm sure she'd like it if only Steven and I would stop playing with it for a minute. We race against the clock, with Steven griping about the US-centricity and unusual enunciation, and me not having the faintest idea which continent Laos is in. It's clear that a week with this toy will teach me more political geography than I learnt in 16 years of formal education.

Meanwhile, Greg Costikyan wonders why Snood gets no respect. His correspondents quickly point out that the answer is "because it's a clone of Bust-A-Move". But the general question is a valid one. "Little games", like Bejewelled and Word Shark, get almost all of my (very limited) gaming time at present. But nobody pays any attention to them at all.

Posted by Alison at January 16, 2003 01:10 AM


Oooh. Those long, skinny pictures of London streets are also handy for filling in details of TAFF reports (I just found the name of the restaurant where we ate once in Leeds). Why, yes, I *am* still working on mine. If I finish this year, which I mean to, I'll be tied for speed with the Fanglord. And twice as fast as Rob.

The Leapfrog globe looks like a perfect present for Hal, but at that price it will have to wait until the household is back to 100% employment, and fully stocked up on bookcases.

For my next trick, a Plokta loc.

Posted by: Ulrika O'Brien at January 19, 2003 08:15 PM

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