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Kittywompus Tracks Fanzines is my new fanzine log. It's a bit like a web log for fanzines, and aims to provide at least a capsule review of the fanzines I receive.

For those of you who are interested in what fanzines you can get by e-mail, you might like to also look at the lamentably incomplete overview of electronic zines.

I also have links here to a few other fanzines:

  • The fanzine I co-edit is Plokta, and can be found at www.plokta.com.
  • Before Steve Davies and I started producing Plokta, I did a single issue of my fanzine Trinketry. I didn't mail it to anybody and I was notably inefficient at handing it out, so you probably haven't seen it. But as I had to HMTL it for the Plokta CD-Rom, it makes a lot of sense to put it up here too.
  • Hot Ansible Action is the oneshot we produced at Reconvene and sold for the fan funds.
  • Koka2, the 2Kon newsletter, can be seen on the Plokta site in pdf format.
  • Alternatively, I've produced a testing page, looking at a quick way of generating HTML output of Koka2.
  • Not a product of the Plokta cabal, but slightly related: Bridget Bradshaw produced The Squiggledy Guide to <plokta.con> as a one-shot during the convention, and Kittywompus was a convenient place to put it.
  • A page about, though not containing, No Moose Today, Thanks, a collection of Sue Mason art, and writing by Sue and others, which I've put together to raise money for TAFF.