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August 31, 2006

46. Dance regularly.

June 26, 2007: More irregular dancing. We went to a Euroceilidh at Cecil Sharp House, we danced every day at the Chippenham Folk Festival, and we went to the ceilidh at The Big Session. Plus I did lots of just regular dancing at various of the shows. We've even thought vaguely about joining a morris team. Vaguely.

August 31, 2006: This doesn't really count as regular, but we did a lot of dancing at Towersey Village Festival. We attended workshops on beginner's ceilidh, beginner's dance steps, and couple's Eurodances, and went to the welcome ceilidh with Mawkin and the fabulous Whapweasel ceilidh on Saturday night. But last year we planned to extend that into the winter and didn't manage to.

Dance mat counts too for this of course, and I danced doubles on a real arcade machine for the first time in North Wales. That was fun but I was rubbish.

89. Win something cool

I think the 2006 Hugo for Best Fanzine counts, don't you?

August 23, 2006

43. Archive all the old videos

August 23, 2006: I have the tool to do this, sitting in a carrier bag in the living room. So I need to unpack it. Plus it would probably be a good idea to work out how many videos we have and get them into one place -- because I guess we're going to discard many of them.

August 19, 2006

92. Find a good jeweller and turn my green stone into a proper engagement ring.

My friend Joan Paterson wrote to say:

"May I suggest Cellini's here in Cambridge (Rose Crescent) for your ring. They are not the cheapest place around, but they offer a really personal service and have their own workshop. In fact you can see some of the work being carried out at the back of the shop. I have been very pleased with all the work they have done for me. The biggest danger in going in to the shop, is seeing lots of other really lovely jewellery that you'll want to buy."

I remember Cellini's from years ago, and in particular their freshwater pearls. So this sounds like a really good tip.

18. Don't eat in front of a screen for a week...

19 August: This one is proving rather intractible. Even were it not for the problems of eating lunch at my desk, I got up this morning, discovered the remains of last night's takeaway in the fridge, and grabbed the nan and the dead curry to scoop up while I checked my aggregator. Yum.

3 August: Very embarrasingly, I realised, delighted, that I'd done this all day today! Quite by accident -- I didn't eat breakfast, I had lunch with one of my mentees, and dinner at the dining table with my family (and one of the common '101 things' people cite is to do that occasionally, but I digress). However, just as I was about to write about it, I absent-mindedly grabbed some of the bread off the lovely new loaf from Akdeniz and brought it back to me. Whoops. I'll try again tomorrow.

The next day I failed because there was just no time to get out of the office for lunch, and the sandwich lady came round. Plus I started ruminating on whether I need to change this so that it includes not eating on the tube as well as not eating in front of computers. Anyway, it's now Thursday, and I'm having another go.

I did this on Thursday and Friday, and much of Saturday. But I think that munching chocolate while browsing the Internet counts. So I'm starting again tomorrow. Hmm.

August 18, 2006

22. Laugh out loud every day; if no laughter by 10pm then take urgent remedial action.

I think I've managed that most days this week. I probably need to be more careful to spot them. Today I liked DougS on Dieux du Stade: "NSFW unless you're a physiotherapist or something". And Scott Westerfeld on the people who believe Pluto should carry on being a planet:"...sort of like those people who think that popular music was perfected while they were in high school, and wonder why all these new bands even exist. So Pluto will never change in their lifetime, anymore than Supertramp can ever be replaced." There are in fact so many laugh out loud lines in Westerfeld's Pluto rants I could just read it bit by bit and keep laughing for weeks.

20. Take my vitamins.

17 March 2007: I should probably say a bit about what my vitamins are. I take a Biocare 1-a-day, which is a vitamin the approximate size of a house brick, and I have 20ml of Floradix which is a vegetable-based iron tonic. Floradix is a serious pain because it has to be refrigerated -- but now you can get it in planet-destroying convenience pack form, and the individual bottles do not need refrigeration. I can't help thinking there must be a better way to do individual servings. But there you go.



18 August 2006: Actually, I've been doing that, with Steven's help, for the last week and a bit. So this one is definitely started.

August 06, 2006

71. Cook interesting food each month.

August 2006 Scrambled ostrich egg.

August 01, 2006

14. Restart yoga

Completed 1 August 2006. Goodness! I checked my list this morning, so I took my yoga clothes to work, and Tuesday is a yoga day, and I got back from my meeting 13 minutes before yoga. So I went.

But now I have to keep going.

75. Get my first aid certificate (St John Ambulance?)

This should probably be 'Do some first aid training'. Because I honestly don't want to be an expert, and I don't want to be a workplace first aider. SJA have a one-day LifeSaver course, which is assessed and certificated. There's one in central London on Saturday 18 November. So I just need to make sure we aren't doing anything else, check with Steven it's ok, and book. I think this counts as started.

1 August 2006: I've booked a place online -- I have to wait now for it to be confirmed.

Ingraining Habits

For these, except where it's specifically different, I thought there were four basic levels.

1) Do it once. I probably won't even bother to note this unless it's something I'm really resisting.
2) Do it 6/7 days in a week. That counts as started.
3) Keep that up for a month. That counts as a habit.
4) Don't backslide. Who knows what that counts as; I'm not sure I've ever managed it. But this is what the 3 monthly reviews should do.